Live the experience in the most feared pirate fleet in Cancun

Live the experience in the most feared pirate fleet in Cancun

If you have ever asked yourself what was the life of the feared pirates, you are in the right place.

Jolly Roger, offers you the best experience aboard a pirate ship inspired by the Santa María de Cristóbal Colón, in the company of Captain Black Jack and his cursed crew, will embark on an offshore trip in search of Turtle Island, where the great hidden treasure of the "Golden Fleece". It is said that by finding that treasure, the dreaded Captain Black Jack will be able to reverse a curse imposed by the terrifying Captain Olenes.


The tour includes a menu for adults, a deluxe open bar, a menu for children and minors. Among pirates hanging on ropes, cannon sounds, and an excellent show, this adventure guarantees a unique experience and lots of fun.


The cost of the show is around USD 80 from the adult menu, which offers a variety of dishes to choose from, including lobster, New York steak, Ribs and more, an open bar for Premium drinks. For children, a special menu of approximately USD 40 is offered. There are also vegetarian options.



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