Boca paila, the hidden paradise of Tulum

Boca paila, the hidden paradise of Tulum

Located inside the biosphere of Sian Ka’an, south of Tulum, is Boca Paila, a hidden place full of nature and tranquility.

A perfect place for those looking to get away from the daily routine, relax on the beach and enjoy the unspoiled environment offered by the flora and fauna of the Riviera Maya.


In this section, we give you the best tips to fully enjoy this experience.

1. Caution with unpaved roads

Being an almost virgin area, it is necessary to take into account that there is not much road infrastructure, therefore consider that the land to access the lagoon, the mangrove and the beaches are mostly dirt but do not worry, the reward you wait to arrive.

2. Walk the lagoon

To access the lagoon of Boca Paila, there are different tours offered by locals to tour the lagoon, by boat or kayak, you can enjoy the view and observe the variety of exotic animals that inhabit the place.

3. Watch crocodiles in person

A species with enough presence in Quintana Roo, which unfortunately because of urban development, these reptiles have chosen to retire to areas less crowded by humans, becoming the area of ​​Boca Paila, the perfect area to spot these exotic reptiles.

4. Enjoy a picnic in the middle of nature

There is nothing more satisfying than listening and feeling the environment that nature offers you in the entire extension of its surroundings, adding this with rich foods and some drinks to enjoy the moment, it becomes a 100% recommended experience.

Try not to use disposables and leave no waste in the place, remember that this is a virgin place and must be kept clean.

5. Dive into the beaches of Boca Paila


Crystal clear waters, soft white sand, warm weather and a lot of freshness await you in this virgin paradise, where the lagoon meets the sea, an exquisite view to photograph and remember for your visit.

6. Camping

For the very adventurous, there is a camping club to spend the night, surrounded by nature, perfect to admire the stars of the black clear sky far from the city lights.