• Sales Jobs in the Timeshare Industry in Cancun

    Jobs in Cancun’s timeshare industry are among the most rewarding, relaxing and well paid sales jobs in Cancun. Working for Tafer Hotels & Resorts in Mexico is no exception. The advantages of working a Cancun job in timeshare are many: great income, short working hours, comfortable work environment and good bonuses, not to mention that you spend your days working at a luxury resort that most people only dream of visiting. Jobs in Cancun don’t come much better!

  • How do these Cancun jobs work?

    All over Cancun, trained Outside Promotional Contacts otherwise know as OPC promoters (another great Cancun job position) spend their days or evenings catching the attention of potential clients. These charismatic team members break the ice with visitors to Cancun and build up a sense of trust, inviting couples to take a tour of Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa to hear about the Club Caribe vacation membership. This Cancun job involves offering couples gifts, discounts on tours and activities or dinner vouchers and so on as a gesture of goodwill in appreciation of their valuable time attending the presentation.

    There are a number of different reasons why couples accept the invitation to attend the tour and presentation, and only a minority go because they want to invest in vacation ownership. In fact, many couples have already made up their minds not to buy anything, no matter what. This is what we call in the industry “packing.” It is the important role of the Sales Executives to use their expertise and charm to change their minds in one of the most rewarding sales jobs in Cancun.

  • Executive Sales Jobs in Cancun

    In most timeshare sales jobs in Cancun, the day commences when the couple arrives to the resort, starting with a complimentary breakfast where you can get to know your clients. Afterwards, you will take them on a tour, answering any questions they may have, and starting to introduce the purchase options for making the resort their home away from home as members. Once you have attended to any needs your clients may have and hopefully closed a good sale, you are free to go about your day. On average, vacation club sales jobs in Cancun have short working hours and you can usually finish work around one or two in the afternoon.

  • How much will you earn?

    These sales jobs in Cancun are performance driven, which means they work on commission only, plus bonuses. However, they are, without a doubt some of the best paid Cancun jobs, especially for foreigners, even if you can’t speak a word of Spanish. Because these sales jobs in Cancun are commission based, you will need to think about supporting yourself financially for a few weeks before your commissions start to roll in. It is prudent when starting commissions based jobs in Cancun to have access to savings to cover at least two or three months while you perfect the job.

    The good news about these sales jobs in Cancun is that the potential to earn great money is a reality. If you are confident, eloquent and outgoing with a professional attitude, appearance and ambition, you are sure to do very well and will be paid generously for you efforts. Earnings for Cancun jobs in timeshare sales range between $70,000 to $120,000++ USD a year with minimal income taxes.

    Average sales executives working in Cancun can expect to close between 1 and 3 sales out of every 10 clients that they see. Top sales executives should close between 3 and four sales out of every 10 clients. Less than 1 in 10 sales is not a good statistic for these kinds of Cancun jobs, especially as your commissions will not be enough to live comfortably in Cancun.

  • How long will it take to earn the top dollars at this Cancun job?

    That all depends on the individual. Experienced timeshare executives and those with a strong background in sales, usually start making money within just a few days after induction, as they do not require such in depth training which can take a week or more depending on your experience of these kinds of sales jobs in Cancun. Remember that even the top sellers started at the bottom, perfecting their craft.

    If you feel that you have what it takes to work in Mexico and make a success of a sales job in Cancun, take a look at the job vacancies and contact us today.