Sales Executive

The ideal candidates for a Tafer Hotels & Resorts Sales Executive position are those people with a drive for success, an outgoing nature and passion for the good things in life. How can you expect to sell people their dreams if you yourself do not have any?

The goal of this Cancun job is to guide prospective clients to see the value of vacation ownership in Cancun, in particular, at Villa del Palmar Cancun and Club Caribe, by communicating the benefits and privileges involved with becoming part of the Tafer and Villa Group family of hotels. For this Cancun job, you will be responsible for setting up presentations and giving tours of the resort, pointing out all the amenities and services that are likely to appeal to your particular couple. This process also involves taking time to find out more about your couple, their likes and dislikes, so you can present the vacation ownership package that best suits their vacation habits and budget.

It takes a special skill in these kinds of Cancun jobs to guide the client to see the value of owning at the resort and making a purchase costing between 13K and 200K in a 90-minute presentation. However, your goal remains to sell the most fulfilling membership package in the most pleasant way possible while meeting your sales targets for commissions and bonuses.

Sales Executive Senior

The requirements for this Cancun job vacancy are very similar to those of the Sales Executives in addition to extensive experience as a Sales Executive either while working in Cancun or in another destination.

For this role, you will be expected to carry out all of the duties outlined above as well as explain the full membership program to the clients, successfully closing the deal with couples interested in purchasing Club Caribe vacation ownership at the Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa.

This Cancun job position with Club Caribe, requires that you get the clients to fill out their purchase details and provide a form of payment. The advantage of this Cancun job is that our top Senior Sales Executives are guaranteed a qualified tour while other sales representatives at the bottom of the line are more likely to receive an unqualified tour (even though, many unqualified tours still become members).

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