The best Archaeological sites in Quintana Roo

The best Archaeological sites in Quintana Roo

One of the most interesting attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula, are the archaeological sites, thanks to the ancient habitants of this territory, we have a wide variety of archaeological sites ready to visit.

We present the best 5 archaeological sites of Quintana Roo.

1.- Cobá


Considered one of the largest cities of the Classic Period, Coba is a great attraction to visit. To tour the entire archeological site, it is recommended to rent a bicycle or a tricycle with a driver, both services are offered on site, the reason for the transport is due to the distance between the structures of approximately 2 km.

Its main pyramid has 111 steps where, upon reaching the top, you can enjoy the landscape and admire the surrounding jungle.

2. Tulum


One of the most important Mayan precincts of his time, offers a brief amount of temples, where they revered the "descending god." Its main structure is an imposing tower, used as a lighthouse to guide indigenous navigators through the coral reef.

Do not forget to bring comma clothes, water and swimsuit, as you can cool off on a beach after having toured the area.

3.El Meco


A small but attractive archeological site, just 7 km from the center of Cancun, its main structure is 12.5 meters high, this settlement had maritime commercial purposes.

It is a good idea for a quick visit and do other activities during the day.

4. Dzibanché y Kinichná


Two settlements located south of Quintana Roo, retain their beauty and continue to be attractive to all types of visitors. Green pastures, emblematic structures of the Mayan culture and a wonderful landscape, await you about 80 km from the city of Chetumal.

5. Kohunlich


Located about 60 km from Chetumal, Kohunlich offers 8.5 hectares of settlements and jungle, which together make a landscape worthy of photography, made up of ceremonial and residential structures, the enclosures show signs of a fairly high social class. Without a doubt, it cannot be missing from your list of archaeological zones in the region.