The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Riviera Maya

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Riviera Maya

Being vegan or vegetarian is not always easy, especially when deciding where to eat, because you have to make sure that the restaurant has vegan or vegetarian options, luckily, in the Riviera Maya there are different options to taste dishes plant based.

1. Vegan Planet


One of the most popular restaurants known to tourists and locals, it has a wide variety of Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, sopes and tameles, you can also find hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and more on its menu. The sweet bread is always at 2x1 after 8 pm.

2. Antojito con Amor


Located inside the "Mercado Cancún" facilities, in this restaurant you can find tacos, tortas, vegan "seafood" and delicious desserts. They usually make vegan barbecues and every Tuesday they have 3x2 in tacos.

3. 100% Natural


This famous restaurant chain, added an extensive menu of totally vegan foods, you can find soups, hamburgers, chilaquiles, tacos and refreshing natural juices. Visiting this restaurant is a check in your bucket list of vegan restaurants.

4. Jack’s NY Pizzeria


For pizza lovers, this pizzeria has vegetarian and vegan options prepared with 100% vegan cheese, they also have a delicious vegan calzone highly acclaimed by diners.

5. Co.ConAmor


Located in Tulum, this restaurant will enchant you with its atmosphere and delicious vegan dishes, accompanied by refreshing drinks and smoothies. It has a breakfast and lunch menu.