Top 5 things to do in Isla Mujeres

Top 5 things to do in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is about 25 minutes away by ferry leaving from Cancun, it is a quiet place to relax and cool off in the turquoise waters of the island.

In this edition, we recommend the best activities you can do on the island.

1. Visit "Playa Norte"


One of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, located as the name implies, to the north of the island, this beach has everything to spend a refreshing day, its white sand invites you to lie under a palm tree and enjoy the breeze of the sea, or its captivating waters to dive into the large sandbar that is this beach, because you can enter up to 500 meters into the sea and the water will reach your waist.

On this beach there are also bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a cold beer and some delicious seafood while enjoying the scenery.

2. Go to Garrafón Park


One of the best places to practice snorkeling, Garrafón Park has a beautiful reef that will leave you captivated, very calm waters, an almost zero swell, a network of zip lines, kayaks, swimming pool, activities with dolphins and restaurants together form this incredible park.

The cost of access ranges from USD 89 to USD 189, depending on the activities you want to perform.

3. Try the Tikin Xic style fish


This style of fish is very popular in Isla Mujeres, it consists of a large fillet marinated with achiote, chili peppers, orange juice, among other ingredients, wrapped in a banana leaf and then baked.

You can find it in almost any seafood restaurant on the island, however, there are 3 beaches where the consumption of this Mayan dish, has become popular: Playa Paraíso, Playa Lancheros and Playa Indios. On these beaches you can also swim with the harmless Nurse sharks, buy souvenirs and if you are at the right time, enjoy an incredible sunset.

4. Discover the Underwater Museum


The Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA, by its acronym in Spanish) is divided into 3 sections: Manchones, Punta Sam and Punta Nizuc. Together, they contain 500 works made of marine concrete.

You can dive, snorkel or just see it from the glass bottom of a boat.

To access the MUSA, it is necessary to purchase a tour, luckily, there are a lot of tours throughout the island, which adapt to the needs of each visitor.

5. Know the nightlife of the island


If you stay in Isla Mujeres, you have to give yourself the opportunity to tour the bars with different styles suitable for any taste.

There are also Beach Night Clubs where you will surely live an unforgettable experience barefoot in the sand.