Quick Checklist for Moving to Cancun for Work

Quick Checklist for Moving to Cancun for Work

For those of you who are in the process of packing up your life back home with the intention of arriving to live and work in Cancun, here is a useful checklist for you to consider:


  • Do you have somewhere to stay when you arrive?
  • Do you have enough money to support you and your dependents for at least 3 months when you arrive, including rental deposits, visas charges etc.
  • Have you started the process for your work visa?
  • Have you got your essential documents like birth /marriage certificates apostilled (this can save you time and money later). You may also want to do the same for your educational certificates. This will be important if you are arriving with children.
  • Have you organized travel insurance to cover your first weeks before you get settled and can organize health insurance in Mexico or is your home healthcare package valid in Mexico?

●Leave it with a friend back home? Sell it?

  • Will you be bringing pets? Have you had them microchipped and ready for entry into Mexico?
  • If you are on any long-term medication, do you know that you can get hold of the medication in Mexico legally?
  • Will you ship your belongings to Mexico or sell up?
  • Have you organized paying any debts or bills while you are living abroad (outstanding credit cards, life insurance etc).
  • Have you informed the tax office that you will be moving to Mexico?
  • Do you have an uptodate driver’s license that is valid for use in Mexico for the first year of your stay (after which time you will be required to get a Mexican driver’s license.


If you think we have forgotten any essential points. Please add a comment to help those who are thinking about moving to Cancun for work.