10 Reasons to Live in Cancun

10 Reasons to Live in Cancun

Want to know why you should move to Cancun to live and work? See these 10 reason to live in Cancun and then call us to see what job opportunities we have for you.

10 Reasons to live in Cancun:

  1. The best beaches in Mexico.
  2. Cancun enjoys on average more than 240 sunny days per year and only 60 days of rain.
  3. When you live in Cancun you can eat fresh fish and shellfish anytime of the year
  4. Visit a different Mayan archaeological site every month of the year.
  5. Good bilingual schools in Cancun for your children.
  6. Great gourmet restaurant scene.
  7. A good selection of bars and nightclubs and easy distance from the nightlife in Playa del Carmen.
  8. Cost of living is much lower than in the USA and Canada.
  9. Good private hospitals and affordable private medical cover.
  10. Arrive to work in less than 30 minutes, even in peak times!

Can you think of anymore reasons to live in Cancun? Sure you can!

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