Immigration - Work Legally in Mexico

Immigration - Work Legally in Mexico

It is not difficult to work legally in Mexico, although it does mean that you have to meet all of the criteria of the latest work visa requirements, which may vary according to your nationality, expertise and personal circumstances. This article is intended to give you an overview of what is needed to work legally in Mexico and is correct at the time of writing, though you should be aware that immigration laws are subject to change at short notice.

Immigration - Work legally in Mexico

Visiting Mexico as a tourist is pretty easy and straightforward for most nationalities; many countries are permitted to stay in Mexico on a tourist visa for 180 days, which is free and stamped upon arrival. Nevertheless, to work legally in Mexico, you will have to get a Temporary Residence visa with permission to work BEFORE you arrive to the country or leave the country while your immigration status is being processed.

Please note that before Mexico’s immigration laws changed in 2012, it was possible to apply for the working visas after you have arrived to Mexico, so beware confusing information regarding this topic that you might find elsewhere on the internet.

Temporary and Permanent Residents Visas to work legally in Mexico

Non-Mexican nationals seeking to live and work legally in Mexico will need to apply for a temporary or permanent residents visa with permission to work. This process must be started from outside of Mexico. In order to get a visa to work legally in Mexico, you will need to prove you have a job offer from a company that can provide you with all the necessary documents to sponsor your application to work in Mexico.

Work legally in Mexico with Tafer Hotels & Resorts

If you are a successful candidate for a job with Tafer Hotels & Resorts, the payroll company will guide you through the process to obtain Temporary Residence status.  You will be asked to collect all of the necessary paperwork and take it to your nearest Mexican consulate in your hometown or in any other country that is not Mexico. Your immigration application to work legally in Mexico will not be finalized until you arrive in Mexico and present your papers for authorization at your local immigration office; this must be done within one month of arrival.

Permanent Residency in Mexico

After you have completed four years with a temporary resident visa, you will be required to apply for a Permanent Residents Visa which you will not have to renew.

If you are hired by Tafer Hotels & Resort, the payroll company will be on hand to answer any specific questions about how to work legally in Mexico.