Disadvantages of relying on fixed income

Disadvantages of relying on fixed income

Relying on a fixed income is an ideal situation for many people. However, it is not always the best option for everyone. It is convenient to analyze its disadvantages in order to make the most of the good and try to avoid, as much as possible, the negative.

Below we mention some of the risks of having a fixed salary;

• Few opportunities for growth: In jobs with a fixed salary, there is often no opportunity for advancement, especially when you have spent a long time working for the same company and have not taken any additional training to become more competitive.

• Dependency: Jobs with fixed salaries tend to generate in workers a sense of dependence that leads to passivity: "if I already know that I will earn the same and that my salary is secure, I don't have to invest or think any further".

The greatest danger of this kind of thinking lies in the fact that, if for any reason beyond our control, we were to suddenly lose our job, the effects of depending one hundred percent on a salary and its comforts could be devastating.

• Conformity: One of the biggest disadvantages of working with a fixed salary is that, after a long period of time, it can easily lead us to conformism, that is, to think that it is not necessary to make more effort or grow in other areas, since we are stable and we have what we need.

• Little adaptability to change: Another negative point of having a fixed income is that if market prices increase, our salary will be the same and it will be more difficult to adapt to the situation. Likewise, if we have a very schematic plan with fixed income and expenses, an unexpected expense could destabilize the situation.

A good way to counteract the negative effects, such as dependence on a fixed salary or few opportunities for growth, is to save whenever possible, and then invest the money to generate additional income. To avoid job stagnation, it is advisable to always keep yourself updated. Do your best to take courses, diploma courses, attend conferences or exchanges that make you more competitive and avoid conformism.

Having a job with a fixed salary can be a good thing if you take it as a bridge to keep moving forward and build your own. On the other hand, working under a commission scheme has advantages such as it serves as a reward for those who achieve their goals and produce more than established and in turn gives better opportunities to earn more without exceeding the work time.

It also gives a little more freedom during the workday, since those who are dedicated to sales accommodate their schedules to be able to visit or attend to their potential customers, among other benefits that other employees do not have.

Another advantage over the commission scheme is that we work as sales representatives, the income you can have per month is much higher consecutively, instead in a fixed salary, no matter how much effort you put into your work activities, your income will remain static throughout the year, without the opportunity to generate more month to month. At TAFER Residence Club, our sales representatives experience this advantage month after month.

If you're new and struggling to adapt, you'll start out with a relatively low income, but over time, your experience and sales skills will earn you a much higher income than you could earn in any other current profession.

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