Do you Need a College Degree to Succeed?

Do you Need a College Degree to Succeed?

In general, many people think that having a college education is essential for success in today’s working world. While that may be true for many professions, there are now more and more opportunities available in many sectors that allow those without a college degree to succeed. In reality, there are numerous jobs available that don't require a college degree to succeed. Depending on the industry or specific role, often times a high school diploma is all you really need to get started in the working world.

Tuition costs are sky high on College Degrees

One major downside of a college education is the cost of tuition is sky high these days. Over the past several decades, tuition rates on college degrees have increased at rates that are two times as much as the general inflation rate increase. So the question is, does it make sense to get a college degree to succeed when tuition and college loan debt often ensure that you live years and decades without being able to get ahead financially? Many individuals are finding out that there may be more value in a job where you don’t need a college degree so you can start working sooner, and have less debt as a result of college loans.

Timeshare Sales = key to succeed?

One job that has high income potential and a college degree isn’t required is sales. Connecting with others on a personal level and offering information about the property in question is the key to being successful in timeshare sales. A high level of energy and customer service is much more important than a college degree when it comes to showing vacation homes and working in timeshare sales. Working with individuals to figure out what they are looking for in a property, and being able to connect them with the right type of home for their economic and lifestyle needs is key. A college degree isn’t required to do this function, more the willingness and drive that you have to help and get ahead in your career.

So, do you need a college degree to succeed? A college degree is always a great thing to have. But more and more we are realizing there are many opportunities where a college degree is not essential in order to have a rewarding career. At the end of the day, when you work in timeshare sales, your experience, charisma and self motivation are way more relevant than just having a college degree.