Everything you need to know about a Vacation Club

Everything you need to know about a Vacation Club

Are you a frequent traveler looking to enhance your vacation experience? If so, then you have probably looked into timeshares, vacation clubs, and travel clubs. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they each offer unique benefits. Joining a vacation club allows you more flexibility than ever. What’s not to love about vacation savings over a lifetime, luxurious amenities, and spacious accommodations at a resort? If your 2023 goal is to see the world, joining one of the best vacation clubs will surely help you vacation in luxury.

What is a Vacation Club?

Vacation clubs are a more modern form of timeshares. They are typically points-based and allow members to spend points at various resorts in the brand’s portfolio. Traditional timeshares are often a fixed week at one resort. Owners return to their resort at the same time every year and even stay in the same unit! Vacation clubs, however, offer more freedom and flexibility. Members can travel worldwide with their membership and stay at different resorts each year.

Vacation Club Vs. Timeshare

Did you know that some of the best vacation clubs are actually timeshares? Vacation clubs usually offer flexible points-based timeshares that appeal to any type of traveler. Vacation clubs often have multiple resort properties and exchange options compared to a traditional deeded timeshare. However, they are one and the same these days!

Travel Club Vs. Vacation Club

Travel clubs are a great way to save money and access a variety of travel services and experiences. Whether it’s a free or paid membership, clubs offer a range of discounts and exclusive perks to members. Airline discounts, hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel packages are some of these discounts. With the help of a travel club, you can save money and enjoy a range of travel services and experiences. Vacation Clubs have shifted to letting owners use points towards experiences outside of only booking resorts, similar to how travel clubs aren’t just booking hotels. For example, using your points for theme park tickets, concerts, flights, and more. With a travel club, you get discounts, and with a vacation club, you get annual points that are used as currency to put towards different resorts and experiences.

How Much is a Vacation Club Membership?

Depending on the vacation club you want to join, the cost of a vacation club membership can vary. Remember that while the cost of joining a vacation club is high, you are really paying for a lifetime of vacations. Plus, buying a vacation club membership on the timeshare resale market can save thousands of dollars. Of course, there are maintenance fees as well to keep in mind. These are normally due on an annual basis.

Memberships or ‘Vacation Clubs

Memberships, on the other hand, are very different as they typically offer their members exclusive access to vacation rental properties. They can usually book these rentals at discounted rates or with additional perks, such as concierge services or activity packages. Some clubs also offer points-based systems that allow members to accumulate points over time and redeem them for vacations.

The membership-based model allows travelers to curate the vacation of their dreams without being tied down to one brand, region or timeframe, instead, offering thousands of potential destinations on one convenient platform.