How to be the Best Salesperson

How to be the Best Salesperson

Want to know how to up your game and be the best salesperson in your team? Check out these pointers about how you can become the best salesperson and make great commissions. No. 3 might surprise you.

1 - Be the Opposite of Pushy

Be the Opposite of Pushy

With the right finesse, you can actually lead customers to sell to themselves.  If you ask all the right questions and sprinkle the conversation with the right amount of facts about the product or service they want, customers will frequently convince themselves they can’t do without it. 

2 - Play Copycat (Subtly)

Play Copycat (Subtly)

Everyone has their favorite describing words and while you might say something is “wonderful,” your customer might have another way of putting it.  Whether they use the word “outstanding” or “great” or “dazzling,” find a way to identify the customer’s own personal lingo and use the same terms to reflect glowingly on whatever you are trying to sell.  The copycat approach can also work in your body language, mimicking their body movements so that your customers feel a sense of familiarity and compliance. 

3 - Get Them to Say “No!”

Although it is a common training technique in sales to hammer away at the prospect trying to get them to say “yes,” the most skilled salespeople shoot for a no first.  Why?  When a prospect says yes over and over again, the significance of that magical word is lost.  However, when they say “no” to a few possibilities first, they are much more inclined to say yes to, and be satisfied with, the right option when it is presented.  Take it from top real estate agents who will show some lousy properties first to make the right one way more appealing. 

4 - Greet each day as a new potential

Greet each day as a new potential

Everyday has the possibility for you to make a great sale, so greet each day as though it was going to deliver. Avoid thinking about how yesterday was a bad day and focus on the fresh new potential of the moment you are living.

5 - Use emotions

Use emotions

To make big sales quickly, you need to involve the emotions of your clients. Facts are great, but what sells in the end is that your clients believe that when they purchase your product they will be happier. You can do this by getting them to imagine how it would feel to own your product.

6 - Ditch “So-So” Prospects

ditch so so prospects

Everyone knows sales is a numbers game, which means you need to be able to quickly assess whether someone might be a potential star client or a complete dud.  Smart salespeople understand that on average, 80 percent of their commission comes from 20 percent of their clients, so they roll out the red carpet for those that represent more money and focus less on anyone acting difficult or indifferent, or unlikely to bring a nice commission.