Social Selling, a trend to boost your sales

Social Selling, a trend to boost your sales

Do you know what Social Selling is? Does the term sounds familiar? Ok, because today we are going to tell you the benefits of this modality that reinforces the sales work of a business company.

Social selling is born from the simple need to adapt to a constantly evolving technological world, that simple. More and more people use social networks as their main means of communication, which is why social selling becomes an excellent channel to boost your brand or business.

Social Selling does not literally mean selling online, in fact, it works more as a support to help closing a sale. How? Well, whether on your social networks or blog, you have to convince the customer of the need to purchase your product. Answering frequently asked questions or highlighting the benefits of your product or service can help.

It is proven that 76% of potential customers rely on social networks or blogs of the product or service they are about to acquire.

According to “Mckensey” data, teams have increased their sales by 20% to 25% by implementing social selling strategies.

These figures support the effectiveness of carrying out a social media strategy that contributes to the closing of the sale.