The art of closing sales

The art of closing sales

In sales, the closing stage is crucial and choosing the right words to close a deal is fundamental. This moment is probably the final verdict on whether your efforts paid off or not. It is a critical stage for all sales reps. Without this adrenaline, closing a sale would not be as exciting, and that is precisely what drives reps to go for more.

Within the timeshare or vacation club business, the part that all salespeople are looking for in their presentation, is to close the sale, especially when it is a commission-based salary, it is important to have the basic negotiation skills to achieve the closing of your sale, in this article we will talk about some basic but effective strategies to successfully close a sale.

But let's start by explaining first, what is closing a sale? or what do we mean when we talk about closing. Closing a sale is the action that marks the end of the sales process. After the prospect knows the value proposition, the characteristics of the product or service and listens to the sales representative's arguments in favor of it, it is time for him to become a customer, that is, to make the purchase.

It is not always easy to close a sale. That's why the efforts of sales professionals are expected to generate the best possible closing rates, and a myriad of techniques have been developed over the years.

What is the most important thing when it comes to closing a sale?

When it comes to closing a sale, the truth is that there are no second chances. If you are able to accompany the prospect throughout the entire process, the closing is the crucial moment to make the conversion, especially because that is when the opportunity opens up to not only achieve a transaction, but also to convert that first-time customer into a loyal one to the brand.

That is why it is so important for sales reps to make sure to resolve any doubts or objections, as well as to verify that people acquire what they want and are satisfied with their purchase.

1. Now or never

With this technique, sales reps offer a special benefit that leads to an immediate purchase. This technique works because it awakens a sense of urgency and is able to help a prospect who wants to make a purchase, but for some reason can't make up his mind. Of course, you should always make clear the value of your product or service before offering a discount or promotion.

For you to close with this sales technique it is important that you listen to the prospect and understand how they are absorbing the information about your sales pitch. You can emphasize that you are about to solve their problem with a quality product, and conclude the sale with an irresistible promotion.

Examples of closing sales with the "Now or Never" technique:

-"This is the last unit at this price."

-"We have a 20% discount for customers who subscribe today."

-"If you buy now, I will give you priority in the implementation".

2. The summary

Representatives who use this technique repeatedly mention the products or services the customer is about to purchase, highlighting the value and benefits to try to convince the prospect.

By mentioning all the benefits together, you help prospects visualize the value they will receive from the purchase they are about to make. This technique works very well when you've had a detailed discussion of the products with the prospect for a period and it's a good time to summarize what you've discussed so that the prospect decides they're making a good purchase.

Tell him the most impressive things he is getting with those products or services he is about to buy.

Examples of closing sales with "The Summary" technique.

-"You'll get the Centrifab washing machine with quiet motor, 10-year full warranty, and free delivery and installation - when could you get it?".

-"This filter helps you remove parasites and bacteria without chemicals. This purchase includes the wooden base which is a special edition this month and free shipping, we can ship today!".

3. Unexpected closing

Many times, prospects ask for price discounts or add-ons because they know they have the advantage (and they know you expect it, too). If the sales manager authorizes it, try the unexpected closing technique to take prospects by surprise.

First, it's important that you know all the benefits you are authorized to give a customer, but be careful when you offer them. It is important that you listen carefully to the customer and hold this benefit until he or she mentions it; your response will most likely secure the sale immediately.

Examples of closing sales with the "Unexpected Close" technique:

-When a prospect asks, "Could you add a few more hours of discounted onboarding?" respond, "No problem. If I do, would you sign the contract today?". They probably don't expect this response: first, because you agreed to their request, and second, because you proposed closing the sale that same day.

-Another example might be when the prospect who is making a strong purchase asks for some kind of extra benefit. You could mention: "Sure, we know the value of your investment and that's why we want to give you an extra 10% discount if you buy it today".

4. The porcupine

This technique refers to the immediate reaction a person would have if someone threw a porcupine at him. No one would feel like petting it or even touching it, but would quickly throw it back. The idea is for the sales rep to "return" the question when the prospect throws one that shows interest, thus expediting the process toward an affirmative response.

Examples of closing sales with the "Porcupine" technique:

-If the customer asked, "Is it possible to have the order complete before the last day of the month?", the salesperson would respond, "So you would like your order to arrive before the last day of the month?", while starting the paperwork to ensure delivery on the desired date.

An opportunity to give a desired benefit could present itself, if the prospect inquires about the possibility in a manner similar to: "If I pay twelve months in advance for this service, is it possible to get a discount?". The answer to get the "yes" that leads to closing the sale would be, "How about if you pay for the full year today and we'll give you the next three for free, at no additional cost."

Soft skills, such as clear, respectful communication, as well as empathy and creativity can help you achieve your goals, while building trust with the people who come in contact with your offer. Sometimes the impact of a sales rep is greater than all the wonders of a product.

We hope these tips will support you in your closings. Look for opportunities to practice these techniques so that you can master them quickly. Remember to use attentive listening to your customers so you can communicate with them assertively.

If you are interested in the world of sales and have great negotiation skills, being a sales representative is your ideal job, apply now and send us your CV!