Tips for Selling Timeshare to Women

Tips for Selling Timeshare to Women

When it comes to sales, you need to cater your pitch to each and every potential buyer. Any good salesperson will tell you that. This means taking into account your client’s age, familial status, their gender, and of course (most importantly) their personal preferences and interests. When it comes to selling timeshare to women there are somethings you need to consider in particular. The most important is this; when selling to women do not assume that they all prioritize the same things.

Complex, right?

You would be surprised at how many salesmen and women make this mistake, however, and while the term “female psychology” should generally be met with scepticism, we say that you do need to understand that men and women have different worldviews in many fundamental ways. Knowing a little about the female perspective (however generalized and stereotypical), can actually help you to secure good sales.

What do women want?

If you ask the average single man and woman to list their top concerns when it comes to timeshare investment, much of what they say will be similar, but there will likely be very key differences. For example, the average single woman may be more concerned about the security on site than the average man. The average man may be more interested in the local bars than the spa services on offer. You may even find that the aesthetics of the resort and suites are more important to women (although this is obviously not always the case).

Customize your sales pitch 

The real key is to ask intelligent, open questions in order to identify what it is that each and every buyer is most concerned with. Pitch things like spas and shopping malls, by all means, but keep an eye on her body language and facial expressions to see if this is what really interests her. If not consider things like transport links to cultural sites, local hiking trails, and more active attractions like ATV tours. Make no assumptions!


Once you know what to focus on you need to think about how you’re going to present your pitch; a smooth, flawless, and visual presentation will go a long way. You should be thinking about showing potential buyers around common areas, units, and showcasing amenities, but you might also consider getting a hold of floor plans for different suites, showing fabric swatches, and giving them some brochures. Women are often interested in the potential of a space when they’re going to invest seriously (who wouldn’t be?).

Get your numbers straight

One of the most common mistakes made by salesmen is assuming that female buyers are not interested in the bottom line. Don’t be afraid to lay out the nitty gritty financial details for female buyers, and don’t assume you need to dumb it all down. Put it out there in layman’s terms so that your buyers know they can trust you, and trust that they will ask for clarification if they need it. Treating your female buyers with honesty and respect is the first step to building a relationship, and relationships are the heart of sales (as any good salesman will tell you).

Put all this into practice and we’re sure that you’ll start closing deals soon. If you want to have a basic formula to your pitches this can help, but remember to tweak each one to suit the person you’re dealing with.