Working Moms! What are the Best Jobs for Moms?.

Working Moms! What are the Best Jobs for Moms?.

Working moms have to think about a number of issues when choosing the right job. Generally speaking, if you don’t have someone at home looking after your children, like a stay at home partner or family members who are will to help out, your options are much more limited than they were in your pre-children days. Here are some ways to juggle work and motherhood.

Earn big!

One option is to aim for a career where you earn enough to be able to pay for someone to look after your children while you are at work. This might mean a full-time nanny or someone to help out picking the kids up from school and looking after them until you come home.

Working from home

Being able to work from home can help you greatly organize your time between you and other members of your household. Though, you may find it hard to concentrate on work when looking after youngsters. This requires a lot of self-control and a dedicated workspace.


Freelance work is often better paid per project, and you can pick and choose when you work, usually working from home. That means you can choose to not work during school vacations and concentrate your efforts when the children are at school.

Flexible or part-time hours

Some jobs offer working moms flexible hours, meaning that you have time to get them to school and pick them up.

Working in timeshare sales is a great option for working mothers, as successful sales agents usual finished their day by the early afternoon, which gives you chance to pick your children up from school and spend the whole afternoon together as a family.